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Officially established in May 2014, the concept had been in the development stage for several years.
Deriving from a concept of offering REAL reality with live streaming cameras that catch real time activities
and living, presented to the viewer with no script or simulated scenarios “made for tv.”

One of the creators. Kari Anthony, is an established and successful plus size retired adult entertainer who
has redirected her focus into being an advocate for self love and body acceptance. After nearly 10 years
of performing, traveling and establishing her brand among the BBW niche and encountering a plethora of
undocumented interesting experiences, Kari created the voyeurism concept as a means of opening up
those moments for the viewers to watch live in real time.

The home is located on the east coast and consists of 20+ cameras throughout. Nearly every room has a
combination of visual and audio cameras that invite the viewer to the full voyeur experience by being front
seat to all activities, conversations, and private moments. A VIP membership is required to obtain access
to all cameras which is how the home generates revenue to sustain it’s daily expenses. Kari Anthony,
one of the owners and operator of BBWCAMHOUSE is the only full time individual that occupies
BBWCAMHOUSE at the moment, with constant guests visiting frequently for various events to add
entertainment for onlookers.

The guests vary from adult models, film stars, musicians, radio personalities, comedians to the average
local near and far who pop up at the BBWCAMHOUSE with a genuine curiosity and desire to indulge in a
unique experience. The house has frequent parties, modeling shoots, and a wide range of various,
diverse entertainment. At BBWCAMHOUSE, no day is ever like the previous and the guest list has
definitely grown significantly in such a short period of time and changes frequently.

This team is made up of various plus sized entertainers from all aspects of the adult industry. The ladies
consist of webcam performers, erotic models, adult film actresses, exotic dancers to dominatrix and fetish
enthusiasts. You can find them hosting events all over the U.S. including Hustler Club Baltimore, Club
Lacy’s Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel Adult Entertainment Expo to name a few.

The adventures never cease to amaze, the entertainment is on going and no day is ever the same with
BBWCAMHOUSE. We encourage you to take a look by logging onto

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