Models Wanted

Aside from this being a first of it’s kind, this is a great opportunity to learn webcam secrets, marketing tips and simply trade traffic with other girls in the house.  We have openings for temporary stay, as well as long term agreements.

What’s Required of House Girls?

First and foremost you must be willing to webcam on at least ONE (1) network.  You can choose which works best for you, or if you choose you can webcam on several however you MUST be an active webcam model.  The house is based on all BBW’s being webcam girls so this is a MUST. 

We are going to set guidelines on minimum hours required for webcam.  This is still in the negotiation phase.  

How will I get paid?

At first, during initial set up we will require minimal deposit, and a regular rent routine until we establish and track the sales from BBWCamHouse.  When we are able to accurately gauge the success of sales and memberships, we will then adjust your monthly expenses to compensate you for participation.
The idea is that the  eventually BBWCamHouse  would essentially offer you free living, meaning your activity and participation with the cam house would cover your expenses.  It’s a win win situation because you get TRAFFIC  through  BBWCamHouse , so the marketing we do for  BBWCamHouse will be FREE marketing for you.  This leads to MORE $$ on webcams, website sales, etc.  What money you generate for your website and webcam services is 100% yours.  The only sales the  BBWCamHouse  will receive will be from actual memberships of CamHouse.  You will have an affiliate code, where you will receive a % of ALL members you refer to the site.  So you get paid DIRECTLY through the affiliate program.  

How will I get traffic? 

On BBWCamHouse, we will design a model page that will give you the opportunity to link to your personal website, and/or social network accounts.  Your webcam links will also be on your profile so that if a member of BBWCamHouse wants to buy a personal show with you on any of the LIVE webcam services, they can link directly to you.  You can also provide your Niteflirt phone number to speak directly as well.  

What are the house rules?

The rules of the house are designed to protect the investors, sponsors and ultimate image of the BBWCamHouse.  They are established during negotiations and model application process.  Our goal is to have a unique, diverse and non dramatic fit of girls in the home.  This is a HOUSE and ultimately we want everyone to have a rare opportunity to make money while living with other girls that share the same occupation.  Drug use is not permitted, and/or solicitation of illegal services.  This is a business, as well as a home therefore cooperation from all house girls is a must.  Smoking is permitted outside only.  No pets.  

Will I be able to have visitors?

Yes and no.  As we want you to have “fun” again, we also have to insure the legal and professional integrity of the companies that will be directly involved with our success.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the home at any time.  (a valid id will be required and every guest will have to sign a 2257/consent/release form) 

If you want frequest family & various visitors, this is not the place for you.  We offer temporary stay agreements for this purpose.  

What is expected of me?

Aside from the webcam requirements mentioned earlier, we obviously want to insure that all cam girls are clean, easy to get along with and respectful.  Drug use is not permitted, and/or solicitation of illegal services.  This is a business, as well as a home therefore cooperation from all house girls is a must.  Smoking is permitted outside only.  We will ask for a weekly video blog and/or written entry to keep our members up to date with you.  Occasional group shows with the other house girls.  Other than that it’s pretty basic, just LIVE in the house and have fun!! 

What’s available for members?

Our members area will have text and email notifications for members to be notified when you or other house girls go live on your webcam shows.  This will draw them to want to get a show from you on the various networks.  They will also have access to video blogs, online blogs, photos and videos, and a few other perks we aren’t quite ready to announce yet.  

Why would I want to be a part of BBWCAMHOUSE?

It’s a no brainer, but the opportunity to interact, webcam, shoot photos and videos and appear with other girls increases your profitability.  You can learn a lot from the other girls or maybe teach someone something so it’s a great way for self improvement and learn the business.  You never know what kind of networking opportunities can become available.  

How do I apply? 

For now, submit your information to

A full application form will be available soon.  

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