So their have been inquiries to exactly what “lifestyle friendly” really means and I am here to clarify it all for you. Here I answer some of the top questions we are asked:

What does lifestyle friendly mean?
Lifestyle friendly means that we provide a clean, safe environment for party goers and the option to play is available but not encouraged, or pressured on our attendees. We have plenty of play space available for those who feel inclined to play together, however we don’t enforce a dress down policy like most lifestyle and swinger groups do at their events and parties.

Why do you promote your parties on swinger websites?
Because of the lifestyle friendly nature of our party environment and play space, we want to create connections among like minded people in the lifestyle. Although our parties are not “fuck” parties, where you can ALWAYS expect to see or participate in fucking, we hope that singles and couples can form connections and whether play in our play space or privately we all know that everyone attending is aware of the similar interests of the lifestyle.

What does your cover charge include?
The charge includes the entry into our establishment. Depending on the event details, sometimes food and alcohol will be included. We also offer specific entertainment as well. Sex is not promised NOR is it guaranteed. We recommend that if you expect to have sex, bring your own CONSENSUAL sexual partner with you. NO ONE IS PRESSURED TO PLAY, EVER.

Is your house a brothel?
Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, any acts resembling a brothel transaction are strictly prohibited.

Do you have girls that are guaranteed to play?
Absolutely not. Anyone who chooses to play, does so at their own risk and of their own free will.

Will I get laid?
You might and you might not. Once again, if you are expecting to get laid then you will need to bring your own CONSENSUAL partner.

What can I expect?
Expect to have a friendly, comfortable, clean environment to meet new people. Beyond that, we recommend that you attend with an open mind, and just enjoy yourself.

It is common to have to attend a few events before people feel comfortable around you. Think of the lifestyle much like dating. You MIGHT get lucky and get laid on the first date, and may never see her again OR you might end up putting in some work to get to know her and help her feel comfortable with you. YOU will be the ultimate determining factor of your fate. Many of times we have had the most unsuspected people end up with the most memorable experiences.

Lifestyle friendly means you are open minded, open to swinging, usually consists of singles and might just be an interested party who hasn’t found the right scenario to participate in. Lifestyle friendly is more the social aspect of the swinger lifestyle and includes more singles rather than couples.

Swinging is the act of partner swapping, and engaging in non-committed sexual activities with non-monogamy participants outside the established couple. Swingers tend to avoid romantic involvement with their outside partners, thus differentiating themselves from Polyamorists.

Polyamorists are individuals who engage and participate in conventional relationships with multiple romantic partners. The partners can be same sex, or opposite gender. Often times there is 1 main component of polyamorist relationships and each of the participants are vetted for addition into the “family.”

And we suggest you just come and have fun!

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