Price: $30 per person ALL YOU CAN DRINK/EAT

**This does NOT include overnight accommodations**

Those who arrive late are NOT entitled to a refund or discounted admission. Food and alcholol is all you can eat and drink while supplies last.


ONLINE PRICING: $25 prepaid customers only. Non-refundable. Transferable to a future event of equal or lesser value. Also transferable to another individual(s).

All patrons must be at least 21 years of age to attend. Valid form of ID will be required. For the safety of all party patrons, and the residents of the home – everyone is required to supply a cell phone number, email address and/or facebook page.


THIS EVENT IS ALL YOU CAN DRINK. Drink responsibly. Transportation services are available. Please consider this service in advance.

THIS EVENT IS ALL YOU CAN EAT. There will be a taco/nacho bar complete with ground beef, chicken, lettuce, tomators, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, olives, jalapenos, salsa, flour tortillas, tortilla chips. Also available jalapeno poppers, and other festive finger foods. All food is first come first served.

Security is strictly enforced.

This is a lifestyle FRIENDLY party which means there is a space dedicated for those who wish to play but not required. DRESS DOWN is not mandatory or enforced. This is NOT a sex party. Although sexual activity is likely to occur in one of our designated play spaces, it is NOT guaranteed. We offer a clean, safe environment for consensual play among adults.

NO MEANS NO! Forceful or excessive harassment will result in your immediate removal from the party and premise. NO REFUND PROVIDED. This includes “harmless touching.” If someone didn’t invite you to touch them keep your hands to yourself. We like to have an open environment for everyone to enjoy various aspects of the house and it’s fun features. Because something happens PUBLICLY in front of you does NOT in any way shape form or fashion give you permission to touch before, during or after the situation.

Gentleman! If you are expecting to play, bring a female partner with you. Admission into the party does NOT guarantee you will play with other patrons. Excessive aggression, complaints, or unnecessary behavior displayed towards patrons will result in your instant removal without refund and ban from future events.

We also ask that you please be safe while engaged in any kind of sexual activity and make sure to clean up after you’re done. Everyone is expected to bring your own toys, lube, condoms, hygiene products and other necessities during strictly enforced CLEAN play. Please properly dispose of your used condoms in the appropriately labeled cans.

Entertainment: Games available are bones (domino’s), Spades, Cards Against Humanity and some board games. Drinking games are available as well as beer pong. There is a vintage video game available as well.

The main space (living room) will provide a club like atmosphere full with a dance area for those who want to dance as well as a stripper pole for the brave ladies who want to try it out! Floor entertainment will take place in the living room throughout the evening. The basement is the play space offering 2 areas of play. The far back offers 2 single beds in a dimly lit space to provide a semi-private ambience for off camera playing. The main part of the basement offers a full size bed also off camera but with a voyeur viewing area for those who like to watch and building up the courage to play.

Also in the basement, in The Queen’s Lair is a queen sized bed and available for those who want to show off for the general public with an open viewing space. This space has LIMITED play time offering 30 minutes per couple.

Alcohol Policy – ALL PATRONS MUST BE 21 TO ATTEND. Although we believe in having a great time too and that this is a wet event we ask that you please be responsible. If at any point you become out of control or make someone uncomfortable you will be asked to leave. If we feel you are unable to drive, we will NOT let you drive. You will be given a few hours to sleep it off, then promptly asked to leave or offered transportation service with a fee. In some cases, due to space availability, you may be asked to catch a cab or Uber home. In this event I will make sure that your car is safe until you come back the next day. Because this is a private residence, I reserve the right to do so as I also reserve the right to keep your keys. If we don’t think you are safe to drive home we will not let you due to legal and personal reasons.

Sex/Kink This is a Sex Positive and Kink Positive party but we ask that you please be respectful of the house and those around you. If you decide to do either one we ask that you use our Play room and stay out of the personal rooms (upstairs). We also ask that you please be safe while doing this and make sure to clean up after you’re done. Also communicate with your play partner by establishing a safe word and respecting your partners limits.

NO DRUGS – we are 420 & smoking friendly outdoors. The sale, distribution, and/or exchange of illegal drugs inside or outside the party will result in immediate removal and the result of being banned from future events. What you do before you get here is your business, what you do while you are here is mine.

The use of cell phones, cameras and other image capturing devices is NOT permitted in MOST areas of the house. Out of respect make sure the individuals you are filming are consensual to your film capturing.

LOST ITEMS. We are NOT responsible for items you may leave behind. We understand that in times of intoxication it is difficult to locate all of your items, but we expect and kindly ask that you keep all of your items together. We will do our best to collect any items left behind and allow you the opportunity to come get them.

Transportation services are provided for $20 round trip (prepaid only) in the Baltimore metro area. Designated pick up and drop off times will be provided. All trips are organized in advance.

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