We have many opportunities for companies and websites looking to expand their members area and include some of our unique products for their paid subscribers.  Here are some of the current options available:

  1.  Live Voyeur Feed Leasing – You can lease up to 20 live camera feeds (5 free cameras, 15 paid cameras) on a monthly basis.  Simply sign up for our affiliate program bbwcamcash and contact Kari@BBWCAMHOUSE.COM or BBWCAMHOUSE@gmail.com to set up a requirement diagnostic consultation.   We will discuss your website traffic & bandwidth usage, how many members are currently subscribed to your website, your target audience, the type of content you currently provide and what you are seeking to obtain from our product.  We will then establish a leasing plan that will be customized to suit your needs and establish rates.
  2. Private Show Archives – Our private show archives are available for lease.  Simply add the embed code to your website page and the shows are automatically uploaded as they are recorded.  (you can provide special branding merchandise for them to wear as marketing for your business)
  3. Members Live Shows – Let our models provide Members Only Live shows for your customers!  Simply add the embed code to your website page, schedule our models for LIVE shows (you can provide special branding merchandise for them to wear as marketing for your business) and your members will be able to watch the show at no additional charge.
  4. White Label Program – As a white label participant, you would essentially develop and rebrand utilizing the content provided by BBWCAMHOUSE but marketed through your own rebranded network and promote is as your own website.    You promote YOUR website and earn revshare from your own marketing investments, promotions and advertising.
  5. Sponsorships – Our sponsorship programs can be customized to fit your needs and requests.  From website page skins, product placement within the house, email marketing, press releases, opening up the paid cameras for free with your logo on our video player, banner ads, social media blasts, and more.
  • Sponsor a room – as a room sponsor, you provide marketing materials to be strategically placed within viewer site of the camera.
  • Sponsor a free camera – Your sponsorship pays to make an exclusive VIP camera available for free!  We open up the camera access, provide you with a special embed code to place on your website which will include your logo on the video feed player and market the free access listing you as the official sponsor.
  • Sponsor an event – You can host the event at the house or simply be a sponsor which will place your site URL & logo on all promotional flyers and materials, product placement at the party (you supply all marketing materials), your logo on our live feed players, banners on our website, skin the webpages and more.
  • Sponsor a model – You select a model of your choice.  The model will provide a product endorsement video, photos and social media blasts from both her accounts as well as ours promoting your product.
  • Product Placement – where you send posters, banners, and other marketing materials to be placed in the house within camera view.
  • Swag Shoots – Send your branded t-shirts, hats and other swag for a special photo shoot with our models.  We provide the photographer, the location, the models and send you the photos!

Each of the above products are available for customization and rates vary depending on each customers needs and special requests.

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