It’s crazy that after YEARS of being a homophobe, and NEVER even thinking being with a woman was in my future; I would become quite the lesbian! I remember years ago being approached by a woman I hired to babysit for me and I was disgusted by the thought. Of course, the me then was quite different!

My first lesbian experience was with a girlfriend I went to high school with. Matter of fact, she is the God mother of my children! We hadn’t seen each other in years and when we reunited, she was very aggressive in her efforts to introduce me into the world of bisexuality. She was married and they participated in a very exciting, open marriage that involved bringing other women into the bedroom with them.

I remember it like it was yesterday! We were watching the Lakers in the play off’s, drinking, and headed to a club. Already intoxicated, when we arrived at the club, the drinks kept flowing. Her husband offered to pay for me to get on the mechanical bull and I did. Wearing a dress with no panties and VERY drunk, it was a huge hit and the onlookers were throwing dollar bills at me! More drinks, more rides on the bull and eventually heading back to their house lead to “the night I had my first woman!”

Since then, I have been through phases where I only dated women and have brought a few into my relationships as well. I get a sense of intimacy from women that men seem to neglect. A sensual feeling of soft, caressing and affection that is difficult to find in normal relationships for me. Not to mention, women DO turn me on!

I don’t really have a preference. Intelligent, independent, strong, creative, successful women definitely are a turn on! And that my friends…. is my bisexual biography!

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